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General Questions and answers

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No minimum investment has been fixed yet.

Details on the bounty program and refferal are available here:

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We accept Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), BitcoinGold (BTG) cryptocurrencies and wire bank transfer. Investors can avoid transaction fees and receive the highest number of tokens by paying with ETH.

Note: Wire transfer payments will be subject to transaction fees which will be deducted from your purchase resulting in fewer tokens. Your tokens will be locked (no sales and no payments) until we receive your payment - ussualy it takes 1-3 bussines day.

Tokens will be purchased directly from HeliosCoin website during the ICO. There is a hard cap of 5 million tokens. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

The HLC security token is fully compliant with Cyprus financial authority regulations. HLC tokens may be traded on secondary exchanges after the ICO in addition to public regulated exchanges.

Secondary markets are not controlled by us. We expect the trading price to rise steadily, but dividend payments for token holders are tied to the real value of mining profits and will not be affected by positive or negative trading price fluctuations.

Weekly payments will be paid to HLC token holders in Ether (ETH) when the full production of ICO-funded Solar Mining Claster is deployed and installed.

To make sure that the transaction fees do not exceed the payout amount or represent a big part of the payout, we will automatically set minimum payouts based on the transaction fees. Example: a token holder whose payout would be one USD would not receive their payment if the transaction fee were one USD. Instead, the payment would be held until the following week or until the payment amount reached a level where transaction fees did not eat the profits.

Mining will begin soon after the ICO is complete and increasment of solar off-grid electric station will start in autumn 2018. Dividends will begin for token holders at different times according to when the minimum payment threshold is met for each individual, e.g. holding 100k tokens means you will get a payout sooner because you will reach the payout minimum before someone holding 500 tokens.

Payouts will continue as long as mining is profitable for the lifetime of the token contact.And since we dont have any other expenses - we alll will be happy for a long time.

You will need an ERC20 compatible wallet to store your HLC tokens.We recommend to use

Helios Mining Ltd does not sell our Solar Mining Claters to individuals. We do have options for third-party co-operations for our industry customers.If you are not an industry customer, then the best option for you is to participate in our ICO. Dividend payouts will begin almost immediately and you will profit from the entire Helios Solar Mining Claster operation.

If you are an industry customer, then please send us an email to, subject: Purchase Request

We offer additional customer services to individuals investing over USD $1 million. Please contact our investor relations team at or by our phone number.

Helios encourages everyone to do thorough research before investing. Our founding team has decades of experience in the Cyprus business community and all of their activities are public. Our token is fully compliant with regulations set by Cyprus financial regulators and outside auditors from one of the Big Four auditing firms will vet every aspect of the business, including prior to the ICO. You can even come to Cyprus and see solar clater in operation.

Thanks for your interest. If you are a qualified Blockchain specialist we would appreciate you being in our team. Get intouch with us

We are solving a problem in the green energy industry that has a large impact on the environment: wasted capacity and high costs for renewable plant operators. Renewable energy providers like solar and wind plant owners sell energy below cost or pay to feed into the grid when there is too much capacity. We incentivize the construction of green energy power plants by rewarding plant operators for producing at full capacity. We also reduce the environmental impact of the energy-intensive infrastructure of the blockchain with a patent-pending cooling system that does not use air-conditioning.